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Blog Summer 2018

16/09/18 1:30 PM

Blog Summer 2018

Failed and Locked UPVC Doors

If you have a UPVC or Composite door, the gears in the Multi Point Locking (MPL) system are complicated, small and fragile. When working however, they give you very good security with their multiple points of locking. It is best practice to keep the door and MPL system serviced by a professional who will make sure that the door is hung correctly, aligned and serviced with the correct lubricant. This will ensure your security is working well for years to come.

I work on many doors a week that have failed. Customers normally tell me that they’ve never had the door serviced and the mechanism was making a noise or getting more difficult to lock over time. If you call me on the first symptoms of a problem, there is a very high chance that a service will completely fix your door with no parts required. I also will show you how to keep on top of the lubrication which only takes 1 minute. What I can promise is that if you don’t, then you will be locked out with the multipoint locks engaged and expensive parts will be required. I can guarantee this as it’s something I do all the time. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

However, with a locked and failed UPVC door, not all is lost; the door does not have to be destroyed to get it open. We have thorough knowledge of the systems and the right tools to get the door open though and in a way that will not damage your door. We can also fully secure your door whilst permanent parts are sourced. Although a new MPL costs somewhat, it is far cheaper than a whole new door and it will be completed quickly thus protecting your home and it’s contents from unwanted persons.

Master Suites and Keyed Alike Properties

Having one key to open all your doors to your property is a great convenience. It saves you carrying a big bunch of keys around and fumbling for the right key in the dark or when you’re in a rush. There are various levels/standards of having a one key option to suit both your security and budget requirements.

Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd also has Master Suite systems that enables individual keys to open single doors but also a Master Key to open them all.

Other benefits include never having copied keys as each key is cut from scratch as a new key. If you lose a key, you only need to contact me and I’ll cut a new one from the workshop so there is no locksmith callout to open a door. The keys are restricted so that means no unauthorised people can get copies made anywhere so your controlled security is always intact.

HMS Ocean

This magnificent ship, which was the Royal Navy’s Flag Ship, has recently been retired and sold to the Brazilian Navy. As part of its conditions of sale, it has to be in fully working order. Many of the locks in the Officers and Senior Rates quarters had no locks or keys. The locks are specialist and very hard to source. To try and find them in the quantity required proved difficult however we were able to get them and install the new locks to the ship quarters.

Award Nominations

Sir Fix-a-lock has been shortlisted and at the awards nights for two awards this year. In April, we were finalists at the Herald Business Awards in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. In May we were at the Devon Chamber of Commerce awards in the Customer Service category. Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme also started a new monthly ‘Member of the Month’ award and Sir Fix-a-lock was the first ever recipient in the South West for this new feature. I am very proud at where we are as a small business and the successes we are achieving. I’ll continue to ensure that high standards are pursued to keep ourselves on top form and being the best we can.

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