Sir Fix A Lock

UPVC door furniture is not only designed to make your door look good, it’s also there for your physical security.  A door handle can either have basic security or be part of TS 007 security, giving your greater protection to your door.

Handles get a lot of abuse, from lifting it to deploy the multipoint lock security, having kids hanging off them, keys scratching the protective coating away and weathering to name but a few.  They come in various sizes with different screw distances, distance between the spindle and keyhole and different shapes from the outside to inside.  We can advise on what type handle is best for you and supply and install it to your door so your security is protected and your door looks great.  You can even have a handle that cannot be operated from the outside unless you have a key to get in, thus shutting your door the second it closes.

Before – Very weathered furniture.

After – A new handle making the door look great again.

A top end chrome furniture with TS 007 2 star security.