Sir Fix A Lock

Broken Glass or Condensation Problems?

UPVC sealed units come in various sizes, types of glass (toughened, frosted, various patterns), glass thickness, air gap distance and spacer colours.  We are fully trained to come around and measure up whatever type glass you requite, even if you want to change the glass type over to increase privacy.

Condensation in double glazed windows can be caused because there is no ventilation in the window unit.  This is prevalent in older fitted windows as as it was not seen as a requirement back then.  Sir Fix-a-Lock can change your double glazed window panes and fit vents to your windows to prevent condensation coming back.

If your glass has shattered or been cracked, we will come round to measure up the sealed unit and replace the unit so it will be like new again.

UPVC Window Condensation

Before – Sealed Unit with Condensation trapped within

After – The whole sealed unit replacement will give you a better view and let in much more light.