Sir Fix A Lock

Technical Standards (TS) 007 may soon be a requirement for insurance companies for all houses with UPVC doors.  TS 007 is a retro fit standard to counter current methods of defeating cylinder security.  3 star protection is recommended for your property.  This can either be in any of the below forms, so long as you have a minimum of 3 stars, you will be up to standard.

TS 007

Introducing TS 007.  TS 007 is a revised and improved version of the British Standard Kitemark for cylinders, developed by the Door & Hardware Federation and the Glass & Glazing Federation with consultation and support from leading industry associations and from Secured by Design, the Police initiative.

The intention of TS 007 is a collective industry response to growing concerns that an increasing number of homes are under threat from burglars learning new attack methods that are specifically targeting cylinders used in locks.

Designed as a simple way to highlight enhanced product solutions to protect home-owners from opportunist burglar attack, this standard provides a level of security for replacement cylinders that is equivalent to the levels currently specified in PAS 24 and BS3621.

PAS24.  The highly esteemed PAS24 standard aims to test the security performance of a ‘full door’ solution. The standard includes a selection of stringent ‘physical’ attack methods for both cylinders and hardware, such as the facility to use mole grips and other tools to attack the locking mechanism.

BS 3621.  For many years BS 3621 has been a well-established product standard for thief resistant locks in the UK. Locks tested to BS 3621 must exceed a minimum level of performance and be subjected to a general vulnerability assessment including various attack methods such as bumping and picking, which are used in attacks by more experienced burglars.

Why is TS 007 relevant to you?  TS 007 is specifically targeted as a new Kitemark security standard for the retrofit market.  Cylinders and security hardware will now be classified in TS 007 according to their ‘star’ rating.   Cylinders are able to achieve one or three stars and security hardware can attain two stars.  The TS 007 specification dictates that to achieve the level of security required to resist known attack methods, a minimum requirement of three stars is required. This can be achieved in two ways:

1) One star cylinder and two star hardware (purchased separately or as a package)


2) Three star cylinder only

It is now the responsibility of the installer to ensure product solutions are identified and customers are aware how to achieve the three star rating.

Sir Fix-a-lock currently uses Evva’s EPS Cylinder as a 3 star retrofit anti-snap cylinder, created to offer consumers complete peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attack.