Sir Fix A Lock

A window espagnolette (aka espag or gearbox mechanism) is the part of the window that locks it into the frame and is operated by the handle.  They come in various lengths and back-sets as well as having in-line and offset gearboxes.  The espag can fail when regular servicing is not carried out.  Bathroom and kitchen espags are usually first to fail sue to steam escaping.

If your window is stuck in the locked position, we can open it non-destructively and replace the mechanism.  We also have a variety of handles in different colours and styles that we can change whilst there if required.  Your window will work like new once completed.  We’ll even show you how to carry out basic maintenance and servicing on your window whilst on site.

A selection of espags, both with in-line and offset gearboxes.

Smaller sized espags and window gearboxes.