Sir Fix A Lock

Access Control covers many areas; mostly used in the commercial world, it controls the access to your premises and includes emergency exits and door closers.

Sir Fix a Lock can install an extensive range of Access Control devices whether Stand Alone or Online systems so you can check Events and audit who has had access and when.   You can even issue one time only codes to give access only once to delivery personnel etc.  Battery back-up to your power supply can be arranged so you can still have access during emergency power cuts.  Linked to this, your system can be given Fail Open / Safe or Fail Closed / Secure / Locked options depending on the security and safety in your buildings.

Various Keypads and Anti Vandal boxes can be installed to the outside of your buildings for access to be gained.  Audio and Video entries are an option if you require to speak to or see who you are allowing access to.

Exits can be fitted with card readers or push buttons to release the door.  There is also a Passive Infra Red (PIR) option so you simply have to walk up to the door for it to open automatically.

Single Panic Bar or Emergency Exit Bar fitted to a door, conforming to BS EN 1125 standards.


Digital lock  with a holdback device on the inside.

Digital keypad to open the magnetic lock system from the outside.  This magnetic lock system has battery backup.  A push to release button has been fitted to release the magnet thus letting the door open normally.