Sir Fix A Lock

UPVC and Composite doors have Multipoint Locks (MPL) or mechanisms, that keep your door secure.  They are locked with a cylinder once you have lifted your handle to deploy the security features.  These features can be hooks, mushrooms, rollers, pins, deadbolts or a combination of any of these.  When a MPL starts to feel like something is wrong or you are having to give force to lift the handle, it it best to call us out immediately.  If you let the problem continue, you will be locked out or in for sure as the gearbox will most certainly fail.

We are fully trained to open your door with non destructive means, even if the door is locked shut.  We will usually just replace the central gearbox of the MPL.  There are many different brands and types of gearboxes but we carry all the market leaders gearboxes in the van so your property will be fully secured when we leave.  The remainder of the MPL will also be serviced and you will be shown how to maintain it yourself whilst we are on site. We can source any system you have regardless of age of the door or who the original supplier was. If you want to change your MPL to give greater security to your home, this can also be arranged.

You can upgrade your cylinder with new keys or get new door furniture whilst we are on site, please let us know and we can accommodate this to your specific security requirements.

MPL with a roller, hook and deadbolt giving fantastic security and weather sealing properties.

A selection of various MPL in stock ready for immediate installation.