Sir Fix A Lock

Safe Engineer Plymouth – Local safe cracking Services

Locksmith / Cracker / Breaker

Have you been locked out of your safe, lost your key or combination?  Does your safe door not open or close properly?  Is your safe handle difficult to operate?  Do you require a specific safe suitable to your personal requirements that has insurance approved cash and jewellery ratings?  Does your safe have to be fire or water proof?  Sir Fix a Lock are qualified Safe Engineers who are trained in the manipulation of safe locks to get you to your valuables.

When requested to carry out safe work, we will need a photograph of it from the front and a close up of the lock, preferably with a ruler in the photo for scale.  The images can be taken on just a mobile phone or camera and should be e-mailed or sent as a text message.


As a professional safe engineers, we will be able to tell you the grade and cash rating of your safe.  We may need simple Yes or No answers in addition to the photos to confirm your safe.

Once we know the exact safe you have,we will give you a price to open it; this is based on the grade of the safe and the type of fault it has.  Once the price has been agreed, that will be the final price you to pay, no matter how long it will take us to open it.  This is traditionally the fairest way to deal with safes as they can throw up many problems to enter them – remember that they have been designed to keep people out of them and your contects secure!

Please be aware that some safes have additional complex security features built in to them, i.e. ‘door shutdown’ if the door/s register an ‘unsophisticated’ attempt to open them.  As qualified safe engineers, we have been trained to deal with these features.