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Best Lock? Blog May 17

08/05/17 1:24 PM

Best Lock? Blog May 2017

I’m still buzzing as I scribe this blog, with fond memories from a couple of weeks ago when I won the Plymouth Herald Business Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. There was some tough competition but as the photo shows, I couldn’t believe it when I heard Sir Fix-a-lock being called out as the winner as I had been runner up for the past seven finals I’ve been to. The award was for charity events I’ve been working on in the past year. Not only have I been raising money for charity as Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd but also for years when I was in the army.  It’s something that everyone can easily get involved in and it’s not always about giving money. Charities always need volunteers and I would always ask if you have some spare time, give a little up to help others. You will gain a lot from it from the feel good factor and help make a difference in someone else’s life.

Herald Business Awards 2017 at the Plymouth Pavilions. Picture: Paul Slater/PSI

Herald Business Awards 2017 at the Plymouth Pavilions. Picture: Matt Gilley.

On the locksmith side, Sir Fix-a-lock has been moving from strength-to-strength gaining more customers and much more repeat custom.  This generates a lot of referrals and I’m eternally happy with everyone helping out in this way.  I have been working hard in the whole 6 years of this business to help people not getting ripped off either by terrible work with bad trades people or horrendous overpricing. I’ve been educating either on jobs, presentations to business network groups and by giving free advice and tips on the video section of my website. I also regularly post to the Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd pages on social media showing what bad trades people get up to.  Please subscribe to my social media pages to see the latest news.

Although the mechanical side of security is currently better than it ever has been, the electronic side seems to be gearing up with the latest technology being put into locks. There are now locks out there that you can open with your smart phone. They’re currently costly as the technology is always being upgraded and a lot of effort is being invested in this field.  Personally I think value for money is still better with mechanical locks which also gives you maximum security.  I myself have stuck to mechanical locks until I feel 100% behind electronic security.

My Lock

Some people ask what lock I have at my place.  I use what I think is the best-of-the-best, the Evva 3 Star British Standard Euro cylinder.  Why do I think it’s the best? Simple, it’s the one that scares me the most if I had to bypass the security and would take me the longest to get in. The system starts with a restricted security key which cannot be cut at any shop.  Every key is cut from a specialist machine from scratch meaning every new key is a brand new and not a copy.  This stops any ‘sticking’ of the key which not just stops frustration but also prolongs the life of the cylinder.  The cylinder has anti drill pins but it can’t be drilled in the conventional manner anyway as it has a different setup inside compared to normal cylinders. It has a side bar system as well as the side pins and coupled with the profile shape, this makes  it pretty impossible to pick open. It has not one but two anti snap features.  Most anti snap cylinders have a sacrificial cut but the Eva 3 Star as an added system that when attacked, it fires a pin into the cam thus locking it into place.  Only a locksmith who understands the system (and there’s not many who do) can then get past that. On top of that, it will take some time even with that knowledge to get past the security. If all that wasn’t a headache in itself, I’ve got a 2 Star handle on my door to boost the security even further. All these words may seem gobbledygook so I’m more than happy to show you the cylinder if you visit my workshop on the Hoe. Just call me for an appointment and I’ll show you it all in action.

As a reminder, I can cut all types of keys from my workshop as well as in the back of the van. My machines are always calibrated and because I understand locks and how they work, I will always ensure your copied key works first time unlike other high street stores. I do not repair shoes though as I don’t pretend to be a cobbler!

Paul Bushell, Company Director, Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd

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