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Blog Feb 16

22/02/16 9:10 PM

Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd Blog Feb 16

Firstly, sorry it’s been a while since my last blog but a lot has happened in the past few months. I suppose the biggest news is that I now have a new building, called Camelock, on the Hoe in Plymouth. Johnny Mercer MP officially opened the building in Oct. Camelock is now my main base in the city from where I can repair locks in the workshop and even cut keys while you wait. I can also open up to sell locks if you wish to install them yourselves. Advice can also be given on the installation if required. Please call me before you visit the premises as I’m still primarily a mobile locksmith so I’m out on the ground most of the time.

Camelock, home of Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd

Also in Oct, I was a runner up in the Professional Services category at the Herald City & Waterfront awards. This was something I was particularly proud of especially when I was up against some big businesses against me on my own. The results came down to voting by the public so the fact I was even there was amazing and down to you all. I once again thank you for your solid support.

The UPVC door & window repair side of the business had increased in recent times as people get to hear about that side of my work. It’s very costly to replace whole units and when they can be repaired, this brings your costs down significantly. Almost every part of your UPVC door and window can be repaired from broken hinges (friction stay), mechanisms (espags) and replacement your double-glazing sealed units.

All double-glazed units can either be normal glass, toughened, frosted/patterened and even argon gas filled to enhance the thermal protection properties of the units. Quite often, condensation will get into old glass units and it cannot escape and makes viewing outside difficult. A new unit will give you a clear view and also lets more light in.

The majority of my jobs come down to lack of lubrication on your locks and window mechanisms. Like a car engine, all these parts have metal-to-metal movement and require servicing. With simple self help at a very small price, you can prolong the life of your doors and windows by many years with simple lubrication. The video section of my website shows you everything you need to know and the advice is free. Please feel free to watch them and save yourselves a lot of money.

If you ‘like’ my Facebook page of ‘follow’ me on Twitter, you’ll get all the latest info on Sir Fix-a-lock Ltd as it happens. I try to show you some of my more interesting work or information which will become useful to you. I will not bombard the sites with sales or such like as I find these a turn-off myself so please feel free to follow those pages.

If you feel there are any topics I should cover on the next blog, please contact me anytime and I will happily research it and publicise it here for you.

All the best, Paul.

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