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Blog March 2014

19/03/14 8:38 PM

Blog March 2014

Well folks, it’s been another productive and varied month in Sir Fix a Lock’s world with a healthy balance of emergency call outs, UPVC repairs, safe and vault repairs and problems because of the hectic weather we’ve had.  It has to be said that a can of silicone spray would keep the locksmith at bay as the extreme weather has been spraying water everywhere.  Please ensure you keep spraying in your cylinders and ‘raking’ the key in and out a few times to keep your locks healthy.

After attending the Locksmith Expo this month, I’ve invested in a new cylinder set where I can key alike two or more cylinders on your doorstep.  This system is not costly and you’ll be surprised at what it can offer you.  I’ve also signed up for a new 3 star British Standard (BS) system that is very modular.  It’s still in the final stages of testing and I’ll tell you more about it when I take delivery.  It’s interesting to see the explosion of 3 Star BS cylinders hitting the locksmith expo showing us how much the snapping method of breaking in to homes is hitting the UK.  Now is a good time to invest in a 3 Star BS cylinder for your UPVC or Composite door.  Please ask me for more information and I’ll be happy to demonstrate the capabilities of a more secure cylinder for you.

As I’m riding my trusted steed (ok, it’s a motorcycle but as I’m a knight, it’s now a steed) a lot more to jobs, I’ve invested in a bike ‘airbag’ which will help if I’m ever knocked off.  I don’t want to tempt any fate however if I was ever separated from my ‘steed’ whilst riding it, I need to make sure that I’m protected so I’m back on my feet as soon as possible.  On the subject of getting back on my feet, I’ll be offline for around 1 week soon on a planned operation on my knee.  Do not fret, I’ll have emergency cover whilst I’m recovering by the ever impressionable Chris Belcher.

Finally taken all my scrap metal to the dealers and now have a cheque for £150 to deliver to Jeremiah’s Journey.  £128 was made up from scrap metal and I made a personal contribution to round it up to the final amount.  This is a fantastic local charity that offers support and information to children and their families when someone special has died.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that the money from all your old locks will be put to good use for these children.

Paul Bushell, MD Sir Fix a Lock

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