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Blog February 2014

18/02/14 9:17 PM

Blog February 2014


This month has been very busy for me as the business really takes off.  Many referrals and more new customers have been picking Sir Fix a Lock as their preferred Plymouth Locksmith.  I’ve also been concentrating on my social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.  As I write this, I have 103 Likes on Facebook and 370 followers on Twitter, something I want to improve more and give you all some great tips and information worth knowing.  I’ve also registered #PlymouthLocksmith so if you’re messaging on Facebook or Tweeting, please drop that hashtag in on any messages about Sir Fix a Lock.

Something that has been coming more prominent this month is poor key cutting by certain High Street key cutting  shops.  A badly maintained and poorly calibrated key cutting machine will cause problems with your cylinders and could lead to their failure.  I’ve changed 3 cylinders this month that I can put down to this problem.  If you get your keys cut with Sir Fix a Lock, they will be tested in your cylinder before I leave site and I’ll even lubricate your cylinder with a good lock lubricant.  I also make sure that my key cutting machines are calibrated regularly.

I’ve fitted a large safe this month to a major night club in Plymouth.  There’s not much news in simply delivering a safe however this safe had to be lifted up 36 stairs!  This was an extremely hard task where I had to call in outside help to manoeuvre the safe but it’s now fully installed and firmly bolted to the building.

Lastly, I’m taking all my scrap metal to the scrap dealers very soon as well as some old safes I was donated.  All the cash raised from these metals will be given to a local children’s charity.  This time round, Jeremiahs Journey will be the recipient.  Please look into next months blog to find out how much has been raised.

Until then, keep safe and remember I’m available Knight and Day for all your emergency call outs.

Paul, Sir Fix a Lock

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