Sir Fix A Lock

Profile cylinders are mostly used in uPVC and composite doors.

We use 3 types of Profile Cylinders which are broken down into Basic, Intermediate and Premier ranges.  All profile cylinders can be keyed on both sides or have a keyhole on the outside and a turn-thumb bolt on the inside.  The cylinders can be purchased either in chrome or brass colours.

Basic Cylinder– This is the standard type lock found on most UPVC doors, however the cylinders we use have 6 pins rather than 5 and they are anti-drill, anti-bump and anti-pick.

Cylinders Lock Locks

Euro Cylinder

Intermediate Cylinder– We use a British Standard (BS) one star cylinder in our mid range section, which along with the BS Kitemark also has anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-snap features.  Anti snap features are designed to help your property be better protected from burglars who ‘snap’ cylinders to gain entry in a quick as 15 seconds.  If you go to the ‘Video’ tab under ‘Services’, you can watch a BBC documentary which will give you more information on ‘snapping’.

Premier Cylinder– Our top specification cylinders are TS 007, 3 Star British Standard cylinders, Evva’s EPS system.  These are top-of-the-range quality cylinders that have a whole host of security features, including restricted keys and everything else mentioned above.  They are extremely secure and a burglar’s worst nightmare.  These locks can also be ordered master keyed or keyed alike to every cylinder in your house which means one key can be used for your whole property.  They can even match rim cylinders, padlocks and cabinet locks.  As of Oct 2013, this security cylinder can be made up from the back of my van so you do not have to wait for them to be ordered.

Sir Fix-a-lock’s premier cylinders come in eight different colours.  The nickel and brass colours are standard.  The following colours can be produced at extra cost; polished nickel, lacquered brass, chrome, polished chrome, brown and black.  If you’re ever considering these cylinders, I’ll always bring  the different colours to you, to show them to you before production starts.


The other type of profile cylinder (below) is known as Oval Profile, named so because of its basic shape.

oval lock