Sir Fix A Lock

Sir Fix a Lock – mortice locks, commonly known as (chubb) locks

Fitting the right lock to your external doors is an important factor when it comes to getting cheaper home insurance, many insurers will insist on mortice locks as we describe below.

It also ensures greater security for your home as a correctly fitted mortice lock is your first line of defense in deterring burglars.

Mortice locks are mainly fitted to wooden doors and use a larger key.  3 lever locks are generally sound for internal doors, however insurance companies will normally insist that a property has a British Standard 5 lever mortice lock on the outside doors which will mean that the levers are anti pick, the bolt is 20mm long & anti-saw and the case is protected with an anti-drill plate.  We can fit deadbolt or sashlock types and cylinder locks which combines the profile cylinder with the mortice lock.  The outer of the locks can be purchased in chrome or brass colours.

Deadlock in brass and Sashlock in chrome.

Cylinder Mortice Lock in chrome and Sashlock in brass fitted to a wooden door.