Sir Fix A Lock

Emergency Lockout

There are many reasons why you may be locked out of your home ranging from a lost key to a failed lock. Sir Fix-a-lock has many tools and vast knowledge to get you back in to your property using non-destructive means. This means that your door and frame will be in perfect working order after and you will never know we have been. If for some reason the lock will not pick or the security cannot be bypassed for any reason, then drilling or destructive opening will only damage the old lock and nothing else.

We have many types of picks and are the only locksmith company in the region with a specialist tool to open doors via your letterbox. We also have other specialist kits to open locked doors. A UPVC Door with a failed mechanism with fully deployed security is a classic example where some rogue companies will cut the door. We however have tools and experience to open the door using non-destructive means. We also carry spare parts for all the common mechanisms to fully repair the door back to the original security once the door is open. You can then feel totally confident in your home security before we leave site.