Sir Fix A Lock

Double glazing Window and Door Repairs in Plymouth

Sir Fix-a-Lock is a specialist in Double Glazing window and door repairs in Plymouth and surrounding areas, we also can repair Composite and wooden doors. Having been trained by specialists who have decades of experience, we can repair and upgrade the security of your existing door fixtures.

Whether your property’s double glazing system is suffering from any of the problems below, we can repair it to as new, saving you money by replacing any faulty mechanisms rather than thinking you need to replace the whole unit.  We can source any system you have regardless of age of the door or who the original supplier was. We can also offer an upgrade to the multi-point lock if you want your security heightened.

Multipoint Mechanism (above left) and Multipoint Mechanism in a Composite Door.

Composite Door Repairs - Plymouth

In the event your door mechanism fails in the closed position and you are unable to gain access to your property, we are here to help with many years experience of overcoming these types of problems.


Double Glazed Window Friction Stays

Window friction stays have a limited life span and will regularly fail in double glazed windows that are over a certain age, anything between 5 to 10 years old.  Faulty window friction stays may cause your window to tilt, seize or drop.  Sir Fix-a-Lock can renew your stays giving your windows a new lease of life.

Does your double glazing window stays look like this? New window stays can be fitted by Sir Fix a Lock


Condensation Problems?

Condensation in double glazed windows can be caused because there is no ventilation in the window unit.  This is prevalent in older fitted windows as as it was not seen as a requirement back then.  Sir Fix-a-Lock can change your double glazed window panes and fit vents to your windows to prevent condensation coming back.